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Terms and conditions
By placement of your order you will become purchaser of Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. Please study the following information:
The Seller:
The seller for each product is Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft.

Our Information:
Address: 1055 Budapest, Nyugati tér 9, Hungary
Administrative Tax Number: 12106914-2-41
Company registration number: 01-09-465885
Phone: 06-1-311-6584
Subject of Contract
The subject of this Contract includes all articles in the online store of Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. You can find the properties, features of articles on the specific page for that article.
Price, Payment Terms:
The price indicated next to the item is purchase price, including the Value Added Tax. The purchase prices indicated next to the products certainly do not change in the period between the ordering and receipt of goods, so you pay the price that you see on the page when ordering.
Terms of delivery and deadlines:
Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. delivers the ordered goods to the buyer depending on stock. Delivery is completed by GLS in the countryside and abroad in Europe. The prices vary depending the delivery address.
In Budapest delivery costs are covered by our company when the amount of order exceeds 10000 HUF, otherwise it is 1323 Ft. In the countryside delivery costs are covered by us when the order amount is over 50000 HUF, otherwise it is 1323 HUF when payment method is transfer, and 1626 HUF when is COD.

Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. provides warranty for the goods you have ordered up to the limits of the manufacurer's responsibility. Warranty can only be claimed with the original invoice. Immediate report of damage or insatisfactory supply is necessary.
Failed Delivery:
In case of failed delivery due to your fault you are responsible for the costs of repeated delivery.
Limited Liability:
Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. takes no liability for any damage in the following cases
- In the event of operational error that prevents you to visit the Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. website, and place an order.
- Any failures arising from the hardware or software error of your computer or any damages caused by disconnection from the Internet.
Please protect yourself against online viruses and so called worms to ensure safe use of the Internet.
Privacy Policy:
Dr. Volom Dental & Medical Kft. keeps the obtained information confidential and uses it solely for fulfilment of orders and purchasing purposes. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, except to our sub-contractor in the performance of the contract (delivery). Your data will be handled in accordance with the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on Data Protection.
Finalization of the order shall be deemed as implied conduct and by this the contract enters into force.
The contract is filed and recorded under the order number.
The contractual language is Hungarian.
Registered customers can change their data in the "My Account" menu option after logging in.

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