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Courses and hands-on trainings

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Endodontic hands-on training -an overall view from the latest hand files to TF rotary files and modern obturation techniques
Our goal is to introduce participants an extremely efficient endodontic system that was created to cover all areas of endodontics: from hand and rotary files to the most modern obturation techniques. The course includes manual training.

Direct veener course
Participants are introduced a very successful but simple layer technique that is based on composites with different filling material.

Fiber reinforcement direct restaurations
Fiber reinforcement can be used in such various cases that they are a must in every dentist's surgery. Children's accidentally loosened teeth can be stabilized within 4-6 minutes. Periodontal splints may lengthen lifetime of mobile teeth with years.
Our goal is to provide an overall lecture and know-how on this treatment.

NTI-tss basic course
The goal of the course is to provide information to the participants on NTI-tss (Nociceptiv Trigeminal Inhibitious Tension Suppression System) theory and practice.

Shoulder preparation for crowns and metal free retorations
There is NO "INVISIBLE" tooth restauration without taking perirodontal principles into consideration.
Shoulder preparation is gradually taking place instead of tangentional preparation. The goal of the course is to explain steps of shoulder preparation in a simply way that makes participants be able to use their knowledge right away the next day.

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2007.december 08.
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Vállas előkészítés - gyakorlati tanfolyam

2008. január 11.
Implantációs gyakorlati tanfolyam

2008. január 18.
Vállas előkészítés - gyakorlati tanfolyam

2008. január 25.
NTI-tss - gyakorlati tanfolyam

2008. február 23.
Myofunkcionalis trainerek a fogászatban, szervező: Magyar Orthodontusok Társasága

2008. február 29.
Harapásrögzítés: új anyagok és eljárások - gyakorlati tanfolyam

2008. március 07.
Az A1-es fóliától a Silensorig - mélyhúzás a fogászatban

2008. március 14.
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