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SafeScrapers for implantology
Cortical bone collectors

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Safescraper - fast and safe collecting of autologous bone

What is it for?

Safescraper ® TWIST provides an easy method to obtain ideal autologous cortical bone for grafts in any type of defects with a minimally invasive technique

When to use it?

Easy to use, Safescraper ® TWIST makes autologous bone always available in any condition, both for small and large harvests

How it works?

The exclusive cutting performance of the blade allows cortical shavings to be collected, while preserving maximum cell vitality, which is essential for graft integration. The bone collected is already combined with blood and ready to be positioned in the defect, or it can be temporary maintained in aseptic conditions in the transparent chamber.   

Excellent referencies from all around the world:
prof. Khoury. -Münster, Germany;
prof. Simion, chairman of EAO 2001-2003 -Parma, Italy

Push the end of device on the bone then pull it backward -as simple as that!  
The collected bone has the ideal spiral shape.
The bone is gathered with no contamination in a transparent tank -so that you can easily estimate the quality and quantity of the graft.

Micross- minimally invasive cortical bone collector

The excellent cutting performance, due to Micross exclusive micro-blade, allows an easy autologous collection even in narrow and hard to reach areas, near to the bone defect. The manual harvesting technique warrants the best preservation of cell vitality of the cortical tissue*, a fundamental characteristic that allows the best graft integration and reduces reabsorption activity.

By using Micross the bone tissue is directly collected in the chamber inside the cannula and it gets an excellent biological plasticity, because of the presence of coagulated blood.

The volumizing effect, due to the curly morphology of the collection, reduces the quantity of bone needed to fill the defect and as a consequence it minimizes invasiveness for the patient.

Micross is extremely useful as it can come in handy in most unexpectable situations when bone is needed urgently.

Zaffe D, D'Avenia F. A novel bone scraper for intraoral harvesting: a device for filling small bone defects.
Clin Oral Implants Res. 2007 Aug;18(4):525-33. Epub 2007 Apr 18.

Clinical cases

Case of Dr. Ferdinando D'Avenia

The ridge thickness in the intraoperative stage - lots of bone needed. Using Safescraper autologus bone is in one step collected and made ready to be implanted
Safescraper collects and stores the graft allowing no contamination.
The graft is easy to handle as they form a matrix where components stay together.
3 cc. autologus bone.
7 months after the augmentation: appropriate quantity and quality of bone..

Case of Dr. András Volom
Anterior tooth extracted due to severe inflammation 6 weeks prior the photo was taken.
Bone defect expanding to the buccal surface of the bone but on the palatinal area there is less destruction.
Using Safescraperrel bone is gathered in the left lower region at the mesial root of No. 6 from a 1,5 cm vertical cut.
4-5 minutes is enough to get the right amount. The cortical curls are curved in on themselves, they can be moved using forceps.
The graft is put in the destruction.
The augmentation is covered with membrane.
Cover of scar.
8 days after the operation.
At the check-up a temporary Ribbond bridge is adapted.

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